Saturday, October 26, 2013

herbivore botanicals....

in addition to the lovely soaps and bath salts, we are now carrying herbivore botanicals lip butter and skin toning elixir.

the toner comes in two options:

balance (geranium + lavender)
hydrate (ylang ylang + rose)

i love both of them. i have used them both after the shower, before i put the moisturizer on in the morning and before bed after cleaning my face. they both smell and feel wonderful, a real treat.

the lip butter is bigger and better now. we currently have:


coming soon: blood orange

all of herbivore botanical products are made with love by julia and alex in seattle. great quality, wonderful scents, simple packaging. can't ask for more.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

getting cooler....

we are now carrying fog linen scarves.

the scarves are light weight, soft, 100% linen, sweet stripes and soft colors.

the perfect weight scarf for this time of year in austin....


Monday, October 14, 2013

start again...

Each day, each new moment can be an opportunity to clear the air and start again, fresh and free.

i love this.

here is to all of you...


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

be present...

being present is hard for me. this is something i am working on. i used to spend a lot of time thinking about/regretting the past and trying to predict the future. this did not leave me much time to be in and enjoy the present. in this work of trying to be more present, the things i do to help myself are:

-meditate (even if for 10 minutes)
-having reminders around me (such as this cute print we are now selling)
-release the past
-being patient with myself
-ask myself, am i ok right now? usually the answer is yes
-be okay with the unknown, even if it is uncomfortable

this is a process, one i will keep working through.


16" W x 20" H