Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i'm not a plastic bag...

i personally have finally worked into my shopping routine to always have fabric shopping bags with me. no more saying i forgot them in my car.

i look forward to austin banning the plastic bag!

we are now carrying cute baggu shopping bags at take heart.

we have three animal patterns and a variety of stripes + dots.

the bags are ethically made and carry up to 50 lbs...


thank you baggu for the photos

Friday, January 20, 2012

reminders and sweet sentiments...

oh blog, it has been too long...

why is it so hard to start a new habit?

i hope the beginning of the year is going well for everyone. i am enjoying and learning a lot from all the new experiences of owning a shop and being a human being.

day after day im so amazed at how many wonderful people i get to meet here at take heart...

i recently received a new batch of handmade ornaments that are perfect reminders and sweet sentiments.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a beautiful year of living...

i love the beginning of the year. starting a new planner, reviewing all i did the year prior while going through the old planner, knowing i can use all i have learned last year in the new year, new experiences, change, wondering what the year to come has to hold...

1st change of the year:

take heart's new hours

tues - sat  11 - 6
sun          11 - 5
mon         closed

1st new experience of the year:

giving our chicken a warm bath because she was not feeling good.

im off to a good start :)

i am grateful for all the support given to me with regard to opening take heart and i so glad i took the chance to try something new in 2011.

looking forward to the year to come and wish all of you a beautiful year of living...

we just received a new stock of laura berger cards, prints, and limited addition calendars...the back of her calendars read "have a beautiful year of living."


front of calendar

lovely laura berger print

laura berger print
perfect valentines day gift