Saturday, December 15, 2012

holiday hours 2013....

happy holidays friends!

our holiday hours are going to be the same as as our usual hours, with an additional day...

we will be open this monday 12/17  *11-6*

next week regular hours - tues - sat *11-6*

sunday 12/23 *11-5*

closed christmas eve and christmas day - *rest and enjoy*

we will be back on wednesday 11/26 *11-6*....


Friday, December 7, 2012

pinon and mesquite love...

my mother moved to austin from santa fe last november. i have spent the last several holidays there and it is beautiful in the winter.

two of my favorite smells ever that conjure fond me memories for me is the pinon scent in santa fe at holiday time and the mesquite smell in tucson when it rains.

we are now carrying incienso de santa fe sampler set - pinon, cedar, juniper, hickory, alder, mesquite, fir balsam and a handy little holder.

these incense are a perfect fit for out handmade cedar house incense burner.

since it is not cold here in austin i need all the help i can get to create a cozy holiday feel.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

special japanese calendars...

we are happy to be selling two special japanese desk top calendars this season.

one of the calendars is created by Keisuke Serizawa. Serizawa was born in 1895 and passed in 1984. he was authorized as a living national treasure in 1956. 

Keisuke Serizawa learned a lot about the method of BINGATA and stencil hand-dying in Okinawa. Afterwards, he perfected the real essence of designing stencil patterns. There are no cut corners or poor quality in his works. Though he always strove for the best work, he nevertheless hated extremely exaggerated work. He put emphasis on the ordinary. This is the greatest characteristic in his view of beauty and is the reason why he was one of the great leaders of the Mingei movement.

i love the emphasis on the ordinary.

the second of the calendars we have is created by artist Shiro Imada. another sweet and simple calendar to bring joy throughout the year.


Keisuke Serizawa calendar

Shiro Imada calendar