Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

LURK perfume...

we are happy to now be carrying LURK perfume.

i found LURK on my long hunt for rose and sandalwood perfume, which is one of my favorite scent combinations.

LURK perfumes are organic and handcrafted in new york with love.

we are carrying the following scents:

RSW005 - Warm sandalwood and earthy rose produce this androgenous scent. Smooth with a crisp citrus finish.

PRJV1 - Expansive layers of jasmine and rose intertwine with fresh petitgrain. 

AS01 - Notes of cedarwood, tuberose and sweet rose come together with a hint of spice to produce this slightly viscous yet subtle scent. 

BS003 - Dry woods mix with crisp citrus notes and sweet bergamot to produce this effervescent yet balanced fragrance. 

TBP V1 - Sultry florals blend seamlessly into a base of resinous black pepper. An antidote for the fragrance jaded.